"This technology does everything they say and more. We've used it on many different types of jobs and it is extremely impressive. The best part is being able to occupy the structure while it is running. We are now teaching Odorox at both of our training locations."

Jeff Dorenberg | Winners Circle Restoration Training Centers | Phoenix, AZ and Las Vegas, NV

"Your ODOROX machines made a great deal of difference to the smell of my home. I am a heavy smoker and my house reeked of tobacco. My house is up for sale so hopefully the nice clean smell will help to make it a sale."

Wendy Hennard | Calgary, Alberta

"Thank you so much for introducing me to your product! Since ordering the M.D.U. for our office, I’ve noticed an amazing difference in the air quality.

Our building is currently under construction. Up to now, the smell of paint and chemicals was overwhelming. Now, there’s no smell at all. As a matter of fact, the air quality feels completely different. It even feels like the humidity has been eliminated. It has made a huge difference and we all enjoy having it here!"

Brooke Wilson | Esperides N.A., Inc. Weeki Wachee, FL

"We had received a number of complaints from tenants throughout our sixteen story building regarding the smell that was coming from the trash chute. While searching for a solution to our problem with the garbage smell, we came across the Boss Hydroxyl Generator and installed it in the trash room of our building. Since then, our trash room has been almost completely odorless. The machine was installed several months ago and since its installation we have had no further complaints about the smell. We have also noticed a reduction in complaints about pests like mice, who are typically drawn to smells. The Boss Hydroxyl Generator works wonderfully and we are very happy with our choice."

Ari ElisPresident, David Ellis Realty

"I can't thank Odorox enough. I was skeptical that their hydroxyl generator would actually help with such intense chemicals in my print shop. I've tried other remedies in the past but none worked. I noticed a dramatic difference in the first couple of hours, and by the next day my shop smelled fresh and clean. I am truly amazed! I no longer have headaches and chronic fatigue. My neighbors, a flower shop, have noticed a big difference as well. I would not hesitate to recommend hydroxyl generators to anyone suffering from air quality problems."

David BellPA Printing Inc.

"Odorox has changed our life. My son “Zach” was born premature at 31 weeks. As I look back, my stress level was to the roof dealing with his condition. He was diagnosed with Chronic Asthma since he was born. At 11 months he was admitted at Alberta Children’s Hospital-ICU. We were at the hospital for the whole month.  That was worst part of my life, seeing my son in that kind of situation where you can’t do anything but pray.  I was so paranoid about my son getting some virus, we stayed at home most of the time during winter. Zach wasn’t able to play with other kids because he was so susceptible to infection.   We continued battling with asthma as medications prescribed were ineffective or predicted to become effective after his taking them for up to a year.

In January 2016, an Odorox air purifier was introduced to me and the first night we used that equipment it has changed my son’s life. No colds, no more sleepless nights for him and me and he can play normally with the other kids and that’s priceless. I would highly recommend Odorox to all the mom’s out there that are in the same situation as me."

Chona Rivera

"For over 5 years I suffered from recurring coughing fits, almost every evening and often through the night. I had assumed that I was simply sensitive to dog hair and dander and to dust in general and that I would have to live with that.

Two years ago I bought an ODOROX hydroxyl generator for my home. Generally I had the machine running for a few hours in my bedroom during the day or evening and for a few hours during the day in the living areas. Almost immediately my coughing stopped completely. However, whenever I forgot to turn it on for a number of days, the coughing would come back.

I work with kids in a fifteen year old school with over 700 children. The floors are mostly carpeting and kids eat (and spill) their lunches every school day. Eventually I realised that when I was away from school for longer periods (summer, Christmas and Spring Break) that my coughing disappeared even when I don’t have the ODOROX hydroxyl machine on. I then brought the machine into the school and left it on overnight for a week. My coughing completely disappeared.

I also discovered that my home bathroom had mold hidden under the lino floor, this we killed by treating the area with the ODOROX hydroxyl generator.

We still use the machine regularly to give the entire house that “clean” smell without the use of any aerosols or chemicals. The ODOROX hydroxyl generator is amazing machine that has improved the quality of life for both for me and my family. "

Sue Walker | Calgary, Alberta

"It was evident that even though we scrubbed, painted and replaced all the old flooring, without the help of The Boss, we would have never been able to achieve the level of clean air quality we required. The odor and bacteria were all eliminated. I can only imagine the multitude of applications this product could be used for. It is light, easy to move and is quiet to operate. Thanks to The Boss, we were able to complete our restoration."

Mary Freedman | Toronto, Ontario

"Our home, which had an indoor pool that we filled in and converted to a Great Room, is currently for sale. The chlorine smell in the styrofoam ceiling from the 30+ years that the pool was enclosed has turned out to be an ‘issue’ for prospective buyers. Nick and I were really at a loss on how to remove the smell, short of replacing 1500 sq. ft. of ceiling ourselves, at a cost of approximately $10,000. We used your BOSS system as instructed. You said it could take 4-5 days to remove the smell, but in no time at all (2 days) the chlorine smell was completely and permanently removed.

We are amazed, and so grateful for this elegant solution. We can show our house now without any worries. Our Great Room now truly smells ‘great’. We would recommend your company’s systems without reservation to anyone in a similar situation."

Nicholas Maxheleau and Elizabeth Winter

"Recently I've had the chance to see the hydroxyl machines in action in two claims that we worked on together and I have to tell you how impressed I am that these machines actually do what they claim.

First there was the liability claim at the 15,000 square foot office building in Cambridge that was under construction. Our insured was doing some work in the building and accidentally started a small fire. Smoke went throughout the building and since the drywall was all new it had not been sealed or painted yet. Although there was very little soot deposit, odour was the bigger problem. We were faced with the real possibility of having to replace the drywall at a cost well over $150,000. Even to Kilz paint it would have been in excessive of $80,000. There was also an exposure related to income loss if there were delays in the completion of the building.

The hydroxyl machines that you recommended and used on this claim did an amazing job of removing the entire smoke odour to everyone's satisfaction and in a mere seven days and at a cost of under $30,000! The construction workers were even able to continue to work while the machines were running.

The second claim involved a diner inside a local bus terminal. There was a small electrical fire in the storage room. The sprinklers put the fire out but smoke went throughout the storage and kitchen areas. Again odour was the bigger problem once the water clean-up was done. PDS put in a hydroxyl machine for two days to eliminate the smoke odour. A few weeks later I met with our insured who commented that not only did the smoke odour disappear but so had the odour of the grease. He was very pleased with our claims service and PDS.

I certainly will be asking other contractors to use this equipment in other claims involving odours. I'm confident that it works really well and the potential for saving money is huge."

Claims Adjuster | Cousino Harris Disaster Kleenup

"If you think smoke damage is tough to clean, try a home with 30+ years of heavy smoking. The ODOROX Boss works great, I ran it during the entire week of the cleanup. I worked in it each day, 6-10 hrs per day, without any side effects. There is definitely not the metallic taste you get in your mouth with an ozone machine. The homeowners have been in and out, and have commented on how good the home is smelling. I am very impressed with the unit."

Bryan Swallow | Winners Circle Restoration Training

"Sometime ago, I am assuming last week with all this heavy rain, my basement Cold Room/Storm Shelter had flooded out, it was full of contents and they had been sitting in water for some time. That coupled with the lack of air flow and humidity, caused everything to go mouldy and there was visible mould on the floor, walls and ceilings.

We emptied this room of its contents and disposed of what was damaged beyond repair. We conducted a cleanup and installed drying equipment and fans and once dried the mildew smell in this room was overpowering.

So I took the initiative to use the loaner machine which Hydroxyl Environmental had provided our group. As previously mentioned I set the Boss Generator machine at high and added a couple of air fans to move the hydroxyls around the room. Within 2 days the mildew odour had completely been removed.

I personally am now totally sold on this product and its effectiveness in remediation and odour control. I have copied our technical staff in on this email advising that my family and I were present throughout the use of this machine with no ill effects.

Many thanks for the use of this machine, I am happy to share its success with our many branches across Canada and help to recommend your product. There is no doubt it looks like Hydroxyl generators and their effectiveness are the way forward."

Stuart Tilling | Operations Manager, Major National Canadian Restoration Firm

"PuroClean of Tampa Bay has had the opportunity to work with a hydroxyl generator that we purchased from Tom McArdle. We have used it with fires, mold damage, and smoke odor removal. The technology has really added to our "tool set" and has worked very successfully to improve the outcomes of our emergency cleanups.

But, even more, it has been a privilege to work with Tom and Michael McArdle. They are tremendously responsive and supportive to our business needs. Time and time again they have gone "over and above" to help us get the job done more quickly with exceptional results. Soon after we purchased our first Odorox generator, we used it in a condo where one of the owners had been a heavy smoker for over 15 years. Unfortunately, the owner had painted over the nicotine stains and the odor on their walls, thereby, locking in the smoke odor. When our one machine could not clean it, Tom and Mike brought 3 more machines to get rid of the smoke odor completely. In addition, they came out daily to the condo to check how it was working and kept following up to see what else they could do.

Both Mike and Tom are exceptional business colleagues. We look forward to working with them, and their technology, long into the future. If any customers would like to contact us to discuss the product in more detail, Ali and I would be happy to speak with potential clients."

Mary O'Hara President, PuroClean of Tampa Bay www.purocleantampabay.com

"Since we have been using the Odorox equipment we have reduced the amounts that insurers have to pay out on claims. As a result, we have become the restoration contractor of choice. Even when the adjuster previously used other contractors as well as ourselves they now use us exclusively. The rental revenue from the Odorox units offsets some of the traditional revenue earned on these claims and it becomes a win-win situation."

Lawrie Beaton | ON SIDE Restoration Services LTD

"I have to let you know how happy we are with the results we achieved with the use of ODOROX HYDROXYL.

Being in the fire restoration business, we come across many unusual odors. In the past, we have relied a great deal on Ozone Technology to deal with these problems. One particular odor we have come across a number of times throughout the years is home heating oil. It is one of the most difficult odors to remove.

After purchasing the ODOROX equipment, we set it up in a residential basement. After two days, there was a noticeable reduction in odor and after five days, the odor was completely gone. This impressed not only myself, but the homeowner, oil company, and the environmental engineer sent to monitor the air quality.

The equipment seemed expensive after being purchased, however the results were great. I definitely recommend the use of ODOROX HYDROXYL Technology."

Timothy Devine | EMS Restoration Corp

"On Thursday, July 2, 2009 we had Odorox Environmental come to our Hotel and deploy the use of an XL3 in one of our smoking rooms that we have set aside for our smoking guests. In general, these dedicated smoking rooms maintain an odor of smoke that is very difficult to eradicate through our current cleaning efforts which consist of treating rooms with labor, chemicals and an ozone machine.

Much to my amazement the room that was treated with using nothing but the XL 3 and its' Hydroxyl technology had absolutely no trace of smoke smell whatsoever in less than 24 hours! Even the drapes, carpet and bed linens were all devoid of any trace of smoke odor. Needless to say, I was beyond impressed.

In addition, the machine allowed us the capability of removing other odors from wherever else we used it, such as eating areas, laundry areas, hallways and any other place we deemed important to our Guest satisfaction. That machine was like a miracle! In my 20 plus years in Hotel operations I can say I have not come across anything quite like this."

Debbie Speziale | Baymont Inn & Suites

"Below is a brief testimonial outlining my experience with HGI's MDU (Mobile Disinfectant Unit). My mother suffered a diabetic stroke in Feb, 2005. Her blood sugars have been a constant battle since that date. She survives on a feeding tube. Our family provides home care for my mother at my sisters. In the evenings her blood sugars would jump to 25-28 and first thing in the morning they would test around 12-18 (5-6 is normal range). She also had an issue with an air pump that keeps her mattress inflated to help prevent bed sores. In the summer of 2007 her air pump failed and we had to wait nearly a week for a replacement. During that time mom suffered a bed sore on her spine. In short order the sore grew to approximately 16 inches in length and was open nearly 1.5" at the widest point. It took our wound nurse incredibly countless hours to try and close this wound that in most cases ends in a fatality. This sore persisted for nearly six months before we were successful in closing it with the use of a vacuum. In the early part of this year we experienced another bed sore. Actually two, one on each heel as a result of an air mattress pump failure again.

This time a friend of mine spoke about the MDU that had helped others with medical issues. We had nothing to lose so we installed it in my mother's bedroom. Almost immediately our mothers breathing began to improve and within days my sister and niece reported my mother's blood sugars had returned to levels under 10, a spectacular improvement comparative to her results these past three years.

After only two weeks there were significant signs her bed sores on her heels were healing weeks ahead of her previous bout. I don't know what the significance of the MDU unit is other than to tell you it has performed way beyond our wildest expectations. I will and do recommend this technology to anyone seeking improved health regarding breathing, bed sores, or blood sugars if they are an issue. I wish I was more scientific about our results but the proof is clearly in the Hydroxyl MDU unit........

Test one today, the results will last a lifetime!"

Dennis Osbourne

"I wanted to thank you personally for the opportunity to trial the Hydroxyl Unit for our Assisted Living Centers. As you know we are a retirement residence that assists with physically and cognitive impairment of senior citizens. We found your unit to be of tremendous use especially with the consistent smells associated with bladder problems. Your machine was very useful for sanitizing our air in all (common) areas including lounges and dining room. Our home was able to keep flu outbreaks at a very non existent level. We put the machine into resident’s room- who were showing signs of illness- and with in a couple of days all signs were diminished. Thank you all for keeping our air healthy and wishing you much success."

Lisa Duncan Lakeshore Place Retirement Residence

"Our neighbor smokes constantly and since the ventilation in our building isn’t adequate, the smoke fills our office as well. As a non-profit that serves pregnant women and young children, it was a constant frustration. We had even reached the point where we were going to look for new space. When John installed the two Odorox Air machines, we noticed the difference quickly. The air cleared up! Even the baby clothes we provide our clients stopped reeking of smoke! Our clients and volunteers commented on the difference. We are so grateful for these machines. They work so well and solved our problem!"

Aimee Huber Executive Director, First Choice Women’s Resource Centers Morristown, NJ

"Tallowmasters is the only full service South Florida rendering company. We recycle fats and oils. Like all rendering operations, odor control is an important issue. We have used conventional control equipment, and still use vapor capturing and boiler incineration for most cooking and pressing vapors. However, the very nature of the business makes us a "nuisance" type business that forces us to the outer edges of our community. Our one-time, physical remoteness is no longer the case and we find ourselves surrounded by development.

Tallowmasters investigated HGI and its new technology for odor control and our findings are that your system does indeed work, and work well. Our free vapor odors are significantly less, probably in the magnitude of 90%. Our insect problems have been eliminated to close to 100%. Our raw material bins emit almost no odors.

We are modifying our plant to accommodate the new equipment from HGI. We are replacing poorly-fit entrance doors to contain the hydroxyls that are produced. We are modifying our roof mounted air handler to direct our air back into the plant. All front load roll-up doors are repaired to close the building. All these projects will help us contain our generated hydroxyls for a more efficient system. We wish to be good neighbors and feel this investment will pay for itself.

We find your equipment to be unobtrusive and for all intents and purposes, maintenance free. A daily inspection and cleaning with a spray bottle and rag is all that is necessary.

As of this date, we have contracted HGI to install, on a permanent basis, the new hydroxyl generators so that the machines will be mounted external of the building and vented via ductwork into the building.  We welcome interested parties who would like to visit our plant and see our system in action. We invite you to bring these people into our plant and see these machines working and in action. (Please ask them to carefully look for insect and rodent infestation-there is none. We are using no chemicals or traps of any kind.) We will be happy to answer ANY questions they have candidly."

Tallowmasters | South Florida Rendering Plant