How it Works

What are Hydroxyls?

Hydroxyls (HO•) are safe, naturally occurring molecules. They are created in the outdoors when the ultraviolet rays of the sun react with oxygen and water vapor from the air. This is a natural process that constantly occurs in our atmosphere. Mother Nature’s hydroxyls are the single most important agent that scrubs and cleanses our planet’s atmosphere.

However, hydroxyls do not occur indoors, as natural hydroxyls are quickly dissipated without the action of the sun to sustain their formation.  So, HGI developed a patented process, through years of field testing, to restore Nature’s balance indoors. The Odorox® process mimics Mother Nature by safely generating hydroxyls and other molecules that naturally “seek and destroy” bacteria, viruses, mold, odor causing chemicals and VOCx. Hydroxyls actually neutralize odor molecules and gasses by breaking down their chemical bonds. This can be done with even some of the most difficult molecules, such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and ammonia (NH3).

Watch this informative video from Dr. Connie Araps

Are Hydroxyls Safe?

HGI systems are designed to generate the same concentration of hydroxyls and natural by-products indoors as the sun does outdoors.  Microorganisms swept through the systems are killed two ways: by exposure to UV and by attack by hydroxyls. Inside the device they are simultaneously exposed to high levels of powerful UV radiation that destroys cellular DNA and to hydroxyl  attack that decomposes the organic chemicals that form their protective cell walls. The technology continues to sanitize when hydroxyls transform VOC into a cascade of natural organic oxidants that are stable enough to circulate throughout the treatment space and kill microorganisms in air and on hard and porous surfaces.   Odors disappear as the VOC that cause them are transformed gradually to CO2 and water vapor. As the treatment air continues to be recycled through the powerful UV chamber, VOC and their by-products continue to be attacked, gradually being transformed into CO2 and water. The steady state amounts and types of VOC that remain are similar to what we find outdoors.

People, plants and animals have evolved to thrive in an atmosphere purified by the action of hydroxyls.

ODOROX® Hydroxyl Generators replicate this natural process:

HGI uses UV so powerful it cleaves water molecules directly to create hydroxyls (HO).   Chemicals and microorganisms passing within the UV chamber are attacked immediately by the UV radiation and the oxidizing power of HO.

ODOROX® implements a dual process attack on contaminants.

  1. The processing chamber sanitizes airflow and produces hydroxyls (HO•).
  2. The hydroxyl (HO•) molecules exit the chamber to decontaminate surfaces and contents

Processing Chamber

The processing chamber integrates proprietary UV generating optics with a patented reflective chamber to optimize the production of high concentrations of HO that react within milliseconds to transform VOC into a cascade of natural organic oxidants that have a chemical feature similar to peroxide:  the R-O-O group, where R is an organic molecule. These organic peroxides VOC and kill microorganisms in a manner similar to hydroxyls and hydrogen peroxide (H-O-O-H). These natural oxidants also permeate porous materials to sanitize and deodorize.

The ODOROX® Cascade Effect


These cascade of organic peroxy compounds formed from VOC are stable enough to circulate throughout the treatment space and sanitize air, and hard and porous materials.  They never accumulate. As they are recirculated, they get smaller and smaller in size until they are transformed into CO2 and water. When used as directed, the low concentrations that persist at any time are as safe indoors as they are outdoors since the HGI systems are carefully designed to produce the same concentrations indoors that exist outdoors on a sunny day.

The cascade effect ensures that air and remote surfaces are thoroughly sanitized and deodorized.


All ODOROX® Hydroxyl Generators are ETL certified for safety and quality assurance by the world’s largest independent testing, inspection and certification partner, Intertek. ETL is a US independent safety agency that sets standards for product safety. Click here for the Intertek website.

The ODOROX® UV hydroxyl generating technology does not use any chemicals but merely mimics the earth’s atmospheric cleansing process and brings it indoors. The earth has used this same technique for millions of years proving it to be effective and safe for humans, plants and pets.

Now, you can experience this natural,  effective cleansing process in your own environment. This is a big departure from the drawbacks of prevailing air purification methods, such as Ozone Generation, Ionizers and Plasma Generators.


Many companies describe their products and services as “green” but what does that really mean?  Odorox® products are truly Green since they harness nature’s powerful sanitizing and deodorizing process for safe use indoors.

Odorox systems sanitize by the action of hydroxyls.  Just as in nature, small amounts of ozone are also formed:  you cannot generate one without the other. The technology does not use the ozone formed to sanitize…     there is too little formed to be useful.   HGI has optimized their technology to minimize ozone formation and ensures safe use by directing users to install the right sized device or system for a given, normally ventilated space.  All indoor spaces should be ventilated to remain safe…whether you are using a sanitizing system or not as occupied spaces normally build up unsafe levels of CO2, VOC and microorganisms.

Odorox® simply uses UV light and humidity to create the hydroxyls to drive the cleaning process. It uses very little energy and cleans some of the toughest odor, bacterial and viral problems on the planet.

We have created a chart for the electricity use so you can see how efficient Odorox® systems are.  We encourage you to help change the world by working with newer technologies that take these principals seriously.