Eliminate 99.9% of Viruses, Bacteria, Mold, VOC's, Odors

ODOROX® technology is a proven, 100% green process based on the natural sanitizing power of the sun that scrubs the air and surfaces clean of biological and chemical contaminants. ODOROX® Hydroxyl Generators provide immediate and permanent solutions to combat poor indoor air quality due to bacteria, viruses, mold, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and offensive odors.  There are no fumes or harsh chemicals and it can be used safely around humans, animals and plants.

The ODOROX® UV Hydroxyl generating technology uses only ultraviolet (UV) energy to generate a continuous stream of hydroxyls (OH) from water like the sun does outdoors.  Hydroxyls rapidly decompose volatile organic chemicals (VOC) creating a cascade of natural, organic oxidants that kill bacteria, virus and mold safely, restoring Nature’s balance indoors.  The technology is safe as proven by FDA approval of the MDU/Rx™ portable device for use in occupied spaces.

HGI has designed a range of ODOROX® systems to work optimally in a wide variety of industries and applications.  Products include portable, wall and ceiling mounted units as well as air curtains and devices designed to integrate with HVAC systems.  The MVP™ series includes sophisticated interactive process control and sensors to treat up to millions of cubic feet of commercial and industrial space and can be monitored and controlled remotely.  The technology is proven safe when used as directed:  the right sized systems for a given treatment space and proper ventilation.

ODOROX® equipment can solve any indoor air problem.

Our hydroxyl generators mimic Mother Nature’s naturally occurring process for cleaning and purifying our atmosphere.

These systems harness green technology to provide the most effective and efficient solution to eliminate odors, decontaminate surfaces and clean the air. From residential and commercial to industrial and agricultural applications, the ODOROX® line is up to the challenge.

Mimic Mother Nature’s naturally occurring processes.

A non-toxic, economical solution to some of the toughest odor, viral and bacterial problems in the world today.

  • Uses only UV energy reacting with oxygen and water – no chemicals
  • Rapidly kills bacteria, viruses, and mold in the air and on surfaces
  • Proven safe around people, animals, plants and food.
  • Replicates the Sun's natural sanitizing process
  • Eliminates even the worst odors
  • Used in a wide range of consumer and commercial applications
  • Does not damage fabric, carpets, wall coverings, fixtures, electronics
  • Extensively tested
  • Simple to use
  • Energy efficient